Monday, 3 May 2010


I'm having writer's block, so thought I'd iddle it out by posting a few pics from our visit to Museo della Civiltà Romana in EUR last week. The whole area is one huge memento of the Mussolini era. Monumental to the extreme. But also very funkkis and sleek. A veritable antithesis to the centro storico a few metro stops north.

For some reason refused to upload this one with the right orientation... this is the exit (identical to the entrance behind my back here.)

Apparently they are still working on something quite ambitious next door...

Jay walking at EUR...

The scale of things. Massive.

And inside the museum, what you get is miniatures and replicas of the originals. School teachers must love it here: everything in one place, and no valuable, fragile originals to worry about :)

They don't even try to hide the logistics. :)

The day was hot, and sunny, and beautiful.

Even the metro station is very EUR in EUR.

Back home in Trastevere, demonstrators had closed down the street in front of the Ministry of Education. As a result my bus got stuck somewhere in between, so I took the opportunity to check out a brand new short-cut home:

Magical :)

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