Sunday, 31 January 2010

L'edizione inglese

Right. As my departure to the Apennine Peninsula approaches, I thought I'd make an attempt to switch to English. (It's about time my Teutonic friend(s) got in the loop on what I'm going on about over here. That, or I'm just too lazy to write emails...)

Feels awkward.

But here we go.

A few words of introduction for those of you who've ended up here for whatever reason:

I'm a 20-something wannabe of all trades, who somehow ended up living in a small town on the wrong side of the Atlantic. It all worked out pretty well. I love my job and most of the time I have absolutely nothing to complain about (this doesn't mean I won't). This blog was originally intended as a medium for witty anecdotes about my various (mis)adventures in (and observations about) American society. Mostly I've resorted to posting travel-related photos for family and friends. Due to some very fortunate academics-related circumstances, I will be blogging from Rome for the next three months. <3

All photos are my own, unless otherwise indicated. Which reminds me: next time I hope to post some pics again - shot with my long-awaited, brand new camera! Oh, it's a beauty alright...

(P.S. 29-and-counting is still technically "20-something" and can be legitimately attributed as such.)


Ella-Lotta said...

Ei tunneta, mutta olen seurannut täältä Saksasta käsin sun blogia lähes alusta asti. Sun Amerikan-elämää on ollut hauska seurata, ja sulla on taito kirjottaa. Hieman sellasta Härkösmaista piikittelyä - toimii englanniksikin :) Itse paraikaa valmistumas olevana humanistina halusin postata sulle tän linkin Meriläisen kolumniin. Se vika kappale oli ilahduttavan armollinen.
Hyvät jatkot ja have a blast in Italy!

Ella-Lotta said...

Nyt pitäis näkyä!

Hampsteri said...

Kiitos linkkivinkistä :) Aika hyvin kirjoitettu. Ei ole helppoa ei - mutta toisin en silti itsekään tekisi mistään hinnasta. Onnea valmistumiseen ja sen jälkeiseen elämään!