Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Made it here in one piece. Still sort of jetlagged, and a bit overwhelmed. But boy-oh-boy does it feel good to be here... There will be a lot of this in store for me for the next three months:

Bust of a man. 110-120 CE, Ostia.
Museo Nazionale Romano (Terme di Diocleziano).

And a lot of other cool stuff, too. Should get a lot of work done. So, if I start posting here every other day, I'm most likely slagging off, and should be told off immediately. (Please do. I mean it.)

Isn't this is just the cutest little thing? It lives on a small alley on the way to the supermarket.

The rest of this stuff is just me testing out all the nifty things I can do with my new cam. (We had margaritas on Friday at Margaritas.)

It has a little friend! This is also from back home (obviously).

And finally I can achieve this nice front-in-focus-backround-nicely-blurred effect. Whoppee!

A colleague gave me an Amaryllis bulb for Christmas. It grew up quickly and looked gorgeous for a few days. Such is life.

Kuurankukkasia. Wonder what that'd be English. Anyone?


Soile said...

Frostflowers??? Ei mitään hajua, mut upeita kuvia!

Hampsteri said...

Pöhäps. Tai sitten vaan tylsästi window frost. Kait. Ei ole hyvä tämä inglish. I <3 my E-P1.

Anonymous said...

Testing testing...

Anni said...

Pikkusisko täällä testailee..

Essi said...

Hyvä Anni! :)