Monday, 22 February 2010

Tempus fugit

So much going on, so little time to ponder upon it online... (which is, of course, the right way round.) Most of it academic. A fair share of good food and wine. Walking around, looking at ancient stuff. Some rest over the weekend.

This week:

The Swedish Institute.

And the Danish. (It's been raining a lot. Have not been in the mood for shooting much outside.)

Brief moments of blue skies:

Villa Aurelia of the American Academy.

A photo quiz for Rome-goers: which famous building in Rome features in all the following images?

Ok, the last one might have been a bit of a give away... (The first one to leave the right answer in the comment box gets a golden star ;D)

Oh, and artichoke season is here! Which means it's time to find the best place in town for Carhiofi alla Giudia (i.e. deep-fried artichokes). This is a typical Roman (Jewish) dish, and considered quite a delicacy among the initiated. How many deep-fired things can you say that of? (Snickers bars, anyone?)

Thus, I gathered a sizeable team of aspiring foodies from the institute and headed to the Jewish ghetto (not a real ghetto, not for a while now). The first door we opened belonged to a place called Nonna Betta - it's almost next to the famous Giggetto, which is rumoured to be the best. While this was OK, we concluded that this can probably be done a lot better. (Connoisseurs among you are welcome to comment on the appearance). Maybe the menus in English and the fact that we got shoved in the basement instead of the main venue had something to do with my overall evaluation. Would not recommend the place. The quest continues...

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