Monday, 26 April 2010

Itri + Terracina

Ash-spitting volcanos and cancelled flights. Deadlines to meet. All kinds of unpleasantry. Some highlights in between. A propos, some photos from our trip down Via Appia to Itri and Terracina on Saturday:

This was Itri, where they have unearthed pieces of the Via Appia recently. Then it was time for a lovely seafood lunch at Terracina a few kilometres north, on the seashore:

Afterward, a quick visit to the local museum. The town itself is a veritable wunderkammer of urban history in its various stages of decay. Absolutely fascinating.

(Ok, so the wunderkammer stuff didn't end up in these particular photos, but you get the idea... There were all kinds of ancient treasures hidden amidst and inside (relatively) modern buildings.)

Only three more weeks to go.

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