Saturday, 10 April 2010


Our only excursion this week took place on Wednesday, when we followed in the footsteps of Winckelmann and the like at the Palazzo Altemps:

Suicide of a Gaul.

Hall of the Portraits, i.e. a bunch of imperial busts.

Detail of the magnificent 3rd century CE sarcofagus depicting Romans battling Barbarians all over the place.

Its original lid is in Mainz, the label says... Now, there's a collection that seems to pop up in the photocredits of every other publication. Muttered an oath to visit next time I fly Ryanair to Hahn...

It's already weekend again, and the sun is shining brightly. The plan is to make a big batch of a) crêpes (flambées, sucrées, salées, ...all kinds), and b) wash them down with a few carefully mixed mojitos. Sounds like a very good plan indeed :)

Sunbathing on Isola Tiberina :)



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