Monday, 5 April 2010


Easter break snuck past me somehow, and now we are well into April already! Herre gud!

Checked out Pope's bi-annual speech Urbi et Orbi on Easter Sunday on St. Peter's Square. Thought I might just as well, since I'm here and everything. It was raining, so it wasn't as crowded as I thought it might have been. I think I managed to catch his greetings in Finnish, too. Hyvee peesieiste, or the like...

Interestingly, some folks were actually rooting for his predecessor:

Effort :)


Not much else going on right now, so I guess I'll just post some more photos from Trastevere...

Check out the moon in the background :)

...and Gianicolo:

This last one is from a site right next to the Campidoglio, beside the steps that lead up to the Capitoline Museums - right in the heart of the city. Yet, it looks so peaceful and serene.

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