Tuesday, 16 March 2010


There have been demontsrations against Berlusconi here lately... Today the Carabinieri were shutting streets in full riot-gear... All very peaceful so far, or so it seems.

(This is not one of the demonstrations... just a regular Saturday at Piazza del Popolo.)

Discovered a great market somewhere behind the Vatican yesterday. Bought fresh pasta (not in the picture - this is just the dry stuff ;) and lots of fruit and bufala mozzarella. All fresh and cheap - and often local. Here, it seems like buying produce from the markets is not just a nostalgia thing. Isn't it funny how in Finland, it actually costs more to get your veggies from the market place?

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Soile said...

Niinpä! Mulla tuli Englannista vieras ja halusin ostaa tuoretta leipää leipomosta. Leipomo, johion menin, myi pääasiassa pullaa ja vain pari eri leipää. Menin Stockalle...