Sunday, 7 March 2010


Tomorrow I'm off to Naples for a few days - back in Rome again on Friday :)

Made several attempts to see the Caravaggio show this weekend - without any mentionable success. We came quite close yesterday, with only about 5 metres and a custode separating us from the show. The mission is now approaching epic proportions. The first attempt got sabotaged by an ex tempore-decision to have carciofi on the way. Two delicious deep-fried treats and one bottle of wine later we realized there was no time for Caravaggio after all. Yesterday things fell much in the same vein. After two utter failures we finally learned our lesson and yesterday cleverly planned to see the exhibition before dinner. This ingenious idea got squashed when we arrived at the queu at 6.30 pm, only to find out the stop letting people in at 7:00. Oh, well. The dinner was nice, though.

A propos; the carchiofi. This time we tried the famous Giggetto - and I must say they were almost worth missing Caravaggio (the show is on for a good few more months, so there's plenty of time...).


Here's how they are done alla Romana:

Not quite as decadent as the Jewish version, but nice too.

Been also walking around Trastevere a lot, taking romantisizing photos of decaying buildings... and exotic-looking foods. Touristing.

(This is the doorway to where my friends are going to stay in April - about 5 min walk from the institute. Can't wait :))

Wish me luck in Campana (it seems as though I might need it; people keep warning us about the pickpockets)!

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