Friday, 19 March 2010

This week in images

Inspired by the example set by my health-conscious colleagues, I decided to go running on Saturday - and am now feeling the consequences. Mainly in my thighs and derriere. Moving is pain...

So, I have some time to post a few photos online.

Via Appia:


You've guessed it: yet another photo from our terrace... (and there will be plenty more)

The Swiss institute.

A magnolia tree :)

A field trip to Hadrian's villa in Tivoli:

This is the so-called Maritime Theatre. In reality we have no idea what this was... perhaps some kind of luxurious private quarters?

A cryptoporticus, i.e. how the slaves got round to serve their masters...

These first pics were actually taken a couple of years ago... Here's how it looked like yesterday:

A temple ("of Vesta") a few kilometres away in Tivoli (ancient Tibur).

The town itself is also quite picturesque.

Some more archaeological tourism:

The funerary monument of Gaius Cestius Epulo, i.e. the pyramid. Egyptian stuff was very fashionable in Rome toward the end of the first century BCE...

A funerary monument from a couple hundred years later: the mausoleum of Constanti(n)a (since converted into a church called Santa Constanza), the daughter of Constantine the Great.

An unrelated photo from Pompeii. I like the red umbrella :)


Laura Nissinen said...

Aivan mahtavia kuvia!! Wow.

Essi said...

Tänks :) Just löysin sunkin hauskan blogin!