Monday, 29 March 2010

Radio silence

The past few days have been dedicated to research - save a few trips to the museums, and some to local eateries.

This time we tried a place across the street from Giggetto called Ba''Ghetto. Compared to the former, the place was sleek and much more polished, in a sort of Scandinavian way. Different atmosphere altogether, but, yet again, mostly frequented what looked like well-to-do locals (Jews, judging by the kippah-ratio among the males). The carciofi was excellent. In fact, everything was so good we ended up staying for the whole shebang. While this not exactly cheap, we felt it was well worth it :)

This (Israeli) Pinotage was especially good.

I'd say, at this point, it's a tie between the more traditional and rustic Giggetto and this place. Depends on the kind of setting you prefer ;)

A glimpse of Marcellus's theatre on the way home from the Ghetto.

In fact, why not compile a photo series of my usual walk home:

(A "bar" in Italy means a lot more than a mere venue for alcohol consumption :D It's aplace to get your coffee in the morning and crab lunch in the afternoon, too.)

Tomorrow we take off for a field trip to the northern provinces. Ravenna and Aquileia, to be exact. The weather report says it will rain again... typical.

Back on Friday! :)

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